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Classified Advertising in France

Classified Advertising in France

Author: TravisOl

Classified Advertising in France

If you want to do something you need a great authority in this field if you are not the one yourself. How do you find someone to do work for you in France? No matter what kind of specialist you could be in need of; a gardener, a builder, a decorator; a plumber or you may simply want to find a good restaurant or bar in the area, classified advertising will be just exactly what is needed. It arranges endless lists of demand and supply in such a serviceable way that it takes no time to find the needed item. Classified advertising also covers a diversity of topics such as 'what on' in your region, pets, home and garden private adverts offering items for sale or people looking for specific items.

The Local Press English and French

One of the ways to find what you are looking for is to get one of the many English language newspapers that are published in France for the expat community. Such newspapers can be a good source of information and may help you in your search.

The Internet

That is not news the best source of information is the internet where you can do simple searches in such major search engines as Google, yahoo or any of the others. Search for 'classified advertising in france' or 'french classified advertising' and you will find many websites dedicated to advertising professional services for your use.

Nowadays people do not trust advertising completely, that is why 'forums' tied into some 'classified advertising' websites may, in some way, be of interest to you. It is very likely that, you won` t have possibilities to talk to friends and neighbours who have had similar work done in the past and ask them for recommendations. Using the forum you can gather recommendations from members who have used the services of a tradesman you are considering using and it may be helpful.

It is also very easy to find private items for sale and items wanted on these websites. As you can see they can be a good source if you are looking for second hand furniture, or items of interest. You will find good listings of professional services being offered and the companies listed on the classified sites will normally have one or more members of staff who speak fluent English.

So you have something to sell

If you decide to advertise items for sale you can do it in the local press in English or French or use many of the France classified websites to list your item or items for free. It will probably be the best idea to run a free for sale advert in a paper and also on a classified website as this will double your chances of selling what-ever it is you want to get rid of.

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