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Advertise your house for sale in France FREE

Advertise your house in France for FREE in our classified section     

You can list your house for sale in France for FREE on French Classified and Property in our classified French property private adverts section, your property will be listed for one year.

Just register on our site making sure that you add your email which we will direct any enquiries to your email and it will will remain private until you reply to the enquiry. Then click on the 'post advert tab' you can then create a linage advert. We do not allow website links or photos in the private classified section. Your advert will only be made live once it has been checked by us, normally within a few hours. If an advert is altered it will go off-line until it has been re-checked. Advertising rates for French properties



Please try to make your heading relevant to your property, i.e. Longere for sale in Brittany - 4 House for sale near the coast in Normandy - Farm with 20 hectares for sale in the Dordoigne. Also try to make your details different than what you might have on other websites, which will give you a better chance of people finding your advert. Also add as many details as possible to get potential purchasers more interested in your property.

 You can upgrade to a full advert in our 'French Property Sales' section for £ 25  oe 25€ Euros until the property is sold.

Why pay to upgrade?

Well firstly it will not guarantee a sale, but every little helps when trying to sell your property in France. There are hundreds of thousands of properties for sale in France, so an investment of 30 Euros is hardly going to break the bank and your advert is there until the property is sold.

Even if you have your property with an estate agent your own personal advert could still attract an enquiry, which you could still pass on to your agent if you have one and are not happy handling the sale yourself. However, you must take into account that the agent will have added his fees to the advertised price, so if you intend passing the sale on it would be wiser to advertise your property at a similar prices as advertised by your agent. If you are happy to handle the sale yourself via a Notaire, then you obviously would be better to advertise you property at a lower price and state that is without any agency fees.

   Here is the website link for Notaires in France

If you do upgrade to a full French Property advert you can still place a classified one, then we will add a link to your full advert. You can also use a link to your full advert from other classified adverts that you might have taken out, if the website allows it. You can also use the link in an email which will save you time sending photos and details of your property, as this will all be on your full advert.

To add a full advert in our main French property sales section, just click on the 'add property' tab and create your advert. There is a choice of sales or rentals so make sure you choose the correct one. Also choose whether it is a property owner or agency advert.

You can add your full property details and include up to six photos of your property. You can also add a website link it you have created one for your property. There is a place to add an email address which will be displayed on the advert, but if you leave this blank we will forward any emails via the contact button, this will keep your email private.

By creating a paid advert you will attract more traffic to your property, as photos do also help with people finding your property on the internet. Be sure to label each photo and for example do not just put ‘swimming pool’.  Put something like ‘French property with pool Brittany’.

We also promote our website, but the more effort you put in to your advert will help create even more traffic. If you copy text from another advert please paste as plain text, or this could cause problems with formatting. Also if you just copy text from another advert it is just a copy not a unique advert, so it is advisable to change the layout by 40%.

If you would also like to market your property with a French Estate Agent and have not found one yet, we can help point you in the right direction. We have contacts with numerous English speaking agents, which also attract many enquiries from people outside of France looking for property. Just email us with your details and we will pass them on to an agent in your area.

Finally, good luck with your property sale in France; many sales transactions take place daily, let us help you make sure yours is one of those in the future.



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