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Adding a property on French Classified

This list will help you load sales and rental properties onto French Classified new property portal

1. Register on French Classified HERE We will not pass you details on to 3rd parties. Please use your real name or company name. For non French residents just use any region.

2. Once registered and logged in click on the 'My Properties' tab.  Then click 'Add Property' tab, not the 'post advert' tab. Then select 'For Sale' or 'Rental'.

3. Choose a heading (max 100 chrs) that will draw in traffic. i.e. Holiday accommodation in Paris 20 km from Euro Disney. Sleeps 8. Just remember what people will type in when looking for properties for sale or rent. It is always better to choose a different heading that you might have on another site. 

4. When adding property details you can get problems when pasting from other sites unless it is plain text. It is also better for search engines if you have a slightly different description layout than on other sites. This all helps with SEO (Search engine optimization) A little more effort will help promote your listing better.

5. When adding photos the first one will be your main picture. Always try to name your photo's not just numbers, i.e. gite-in-paris-1. This again helps with SEO.


6. Changing your details every year also helps with SEO, google loves fresh contents. 

7. We do not have a booking service as we want to drive traffic direct to you and your website if you have one. The downside of this for us that we cannot prove that the booking came via us. This is why we keep our charges very low, so please take that into account when renewing.

8. EMAIL ; You can add your email in the description which will show on your advert. If you do not choose this option there is also a contact button on the page  and we will forward the enquiry using the email address that you used when registering. This system might save you getting spam as we check each email, although we cannot always be certain that it is not spam.

9. PAYMENT;  You can pay on-line in euros or pounds on the -'advertise with us page here  ' You do not need a paypal account to pay, just follow the instructions. You can also pay using the payment button when you login using the 'My Classified' tab, just change the amount in the box to the correct figure in euros.

You can place a FREE French property advert in our Private classified section, but no photos or website links will be allowed


We can create your adverts for you from your website if required, we do not charge for this service and you can login any time to change the details.

Should you have any questions or problems loading your advert then please email us.

Adverts will only go live once they have been checked by us, they will also go off-line if altered.


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