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We have created a new more up to date website for FREE classified adverts including properties  and Business listings so please now place any new adverts there.

Please use these links   FREE Classifieds     Business Directory   main Page

We will close this website one we have transferred all existing adverts but will have the same website name for our landing page.



Please use the buttons  to pay for paid advertising. You do not need a paypal account to use this system as you can also pay with a debit or credit card.

Please scroll down for FREE and paid advertisng options - Free French  property ads, free French  business listings, free gite rental ads.

Euro payments Advertisers name


Pay in pounds Advertisers name

Low cost advertising rates for France  on French Classified for businesses, property sales and rentals

You only need to register on the site to create your own adverts. to be added to our FREE business directories see here for details.  You can add your adverts in English or French or both, as we do get many French visiting our website.

Paid adverts will be made live once paid -  Please pay via the paypal buttons at the bottom of the page, you do not require a paypal account just a debit or credit card to use the paypal facility. 

Free Business advertising -   Free French property advertising  -   Free French holiday rental advertising  - Property swaps - Payment Buttons -

Low cost Advertising rates  for English and French speaking businesses

  FREE Directory Listing

 Business name, address, contact details.

1 Directory 1 Department



Listing with links

Listing with website & email links

1 Directory 1 Department

Just a one-off fee of  £10 or  10€


 Featured listing in directories

  • Free for all commercial advertisers
  • Highlighted at the top of the directory
  • links to advert and website



Commercial Adverts  - Example full page advert

Commercial adverts, linking from a banner to a full page advert. 

  • Full page advert
  • Featured listing in Directories
  • Displayed in all or any regions
  • We can create advert for you
  • Re-edit advert at any-time
  • Banners show in selected section & randomly on main page
  •  Just 50€ or £50 for 12 months
 Email us to request a commercial advert

Members Advert-  Example full page advert

Members advert with smaller banner linking to full page advert.

  • Full page advert
  • Website and email link in directories
  • Displayed in all or any regions
  • Re-edit at any time
  • Banners shown in selected section & randomly on main page
  • Just 30€ or £30 for 12 months
 Email us to request a members advert

Landing page banner adverts

Banner adverts

  • Includes FREE commercial advert
  • Top and bottom of landing page
  • Links to
  • 150€ for 12 months
 Email us to request a banner advert

 French property sales  advertising  

FREE French property advertising in our main section - Example

FREE French property advertising

  • Full page advert
  • 6 photos
  • Full search facilities
  • DPE Charts
  • FREE of charge until further notice
  • Click here for help with loading French property adverts

Free French property advertising in our  quick add classified section

- Example Free advert - Example advert

 Free French property advertising

  • Free full page private advert
  • Quick add advert in our classified section
  • regional choice
  • Please do not copy and past adverts



Free French Property holiday rental advertising  sign up  by 31.12..13 and get 12 months free advertising

Example Free French holiday rental adverts) Free of charge for 12 months

Free French gite rental advert

  • Full page advert
  • 6 photos
  • Full search facility
  • add you website link


Click here for help loading a property





PROPERTY SWAPS -  All paid property adverts can be added to our property swap section if they are paid property adverts. Just create a property swap advert in the French property swaps section and you can link the advert to your property listing in the main property sales section. 

If you would like just  a French or UK property swap advert the cost is £10 or 10€ for 12 months.

 To help with loading  paid property adverts click HERE   When adding property sales or rental advert do not paste and copy direct, please copy from notepad.

 Property sales will be required to provide their diagnostic KWH and KG figures. Only admin can add photo's to classified  advert, and we can make your adverts up for you free of chargee



  We have a PayPal facility on this page so you can either pay in Euros or Pounds.  When you go to pay you can eiter use a paypal account or any card that is listed.


Free personal adverts are allowed, but must be relevant to France.     Pets and animals will require a chip number.   Adverts with a photo will be places in the members sections  

As we keep our other overheads to a minimum, we feel we can offer exellent value for money and we are constantly working to promote our site and advertisers to the French and UK market.   We always welcome any advertising proposals and feedback .         

We really appreciate a link on your web site for your use our free advertising facility.


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