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Help about advertising on French Classified - Free classified ads in France and low cost higher profile adverts.

Below you will find some answers to your questions, please feel free to email us if the solution isnt listed.

Can I advertise my house sale on french Classifed for FREE?

Yes in  the private section, no pictures or web site links will be allowed, just email link. Or 30 Euros until sold with pictures and website link in the members section.

What if I want a picture and a link to my web site?

Yes in the new property section, which will cost  30€ until sold.


I have a holiday let to advertise!

25€ per year in the new rental section with photos and website link.

Do I have to pay before I create my advert?

You will have to pay for your members or commercial advert to make it live, but you can email us to ask for it to be made live to preview it be fore you pay.

Which adverts are free? 

. Business adverts, including small businesses and holiday lets, have to be paid for in the members or commercial section,

Small items for sale, including vehicles etc,

Looking for accommodation is free. If you are not sure please ask, but we do check all adverts before making them live, so we will inform you if they are free. Or just email us and ask.

We have a more comprehensive list HERE


Q- How long will my advert be live.

A- All adverts are for a 12 month period. Please remove any items is sold before.

Q- I don't know if i want a free private advert or to have an upgraded membership. What are the differences?

A- The free private adverts are best used for a small item you want to sell that you are not asking too much for.  However, if you have something which is more expensive and find it difficult to describe using text only,  you might be better to upgrade to "member" status to include a photo.  No matter what the catagory people are always attracted to a picture.  If you are going to want to post more than one advert throughout the year then becoming a "member" is your best choice as this allows you to include photos and have as many adverts as you wish at no extra charge!  You can always ask our opinion if you are not sure.

Q- We would like to put an advert in the commercial section, do we have to be a  French registered buisness?

A- If clients would like to include their siret numbers etc, its their choice but we won't make it mandatory.  Some buisnesses are registered outside of France so wont have a siret number.

PLEASE NOTE:  We would like to point out that  the internet is open to world viewing and your adverts can be read by the authorities as easily as they can be read in local  newspapers and magazines. We reserve the right not to accept any adverts that we believe are detremental to this website.


Q- I am having trouble signing in as a new member.

A - Please try a different user name, as it might be already taken. Or email us for help.

Q- I am having  technical problems trying to put details on/other areas/photos what shall i do?

A- Please contact us and we will email you or phone you to sort the problem out.. or email us and we can create your advert for you for free.

Q- I would like my commercial advert in French and English but my written French isn't very good.

A- We offer a FREE translation service for all commercial adverts, please contact us.

Q - We are going to look for a builder, plumber and electrician on your site can you recomend someone?

A- We do not make recomendations, and we can't be held responsible for the contents of the adverts.  We hope they are written in good faith.  We would advise anyone looking for tradespeople to always ask for their proof of registration and insurance documents.  There are various websites were you can enter the siret number to see what trade that person is registered for.  But, not all trades are listed for the individual person so if in doubt you could check with the chambre de metier or similar.

Q- There are lots of websites for Advertising in
France, what makes yours different?
A- Many sites  do not have the technical back-up that is needed. Whilst there are plenty of good sites available, most (if not all) have a message board/ forum, although this brings traffic to the site, and many other facilities which can sometimes be distracting. Having said that the World Wide Web is big enough for us all and to give clients a choice. We wanted to go back to the basics of advertising, no distractions and have our technical team create a site that would be sleak, quick and easy to use. We believe we have done this.



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