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Plumbers and Plumbing Companies in Brittany France

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When you carry out building work on your home or holiday property you will probably need a good qualified registered plumber. There are of course many good qualified plumbers both French and English who are registered to carry out work for you in Brittany and across France. Please make sure that you use only qualified plumbers to carry out work as bad workmanship could mean that a leak or worse occurs and your property and even your contents could be badly damaged by leaking water in the home, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED….

One important piece of advice on choosing the right person or people to do the job

It is always best practice and a legal obligation to use only qualified and registered plumbers in France, as this means they are insured to do work in your home and the work they do is fully guaranteed. We would never advise you to use anyone who is not qualified or registered as this could, and probably will cause you problems during your building project and could cause further problems after the work is finished. Don’t forget you can always see a badly finished wall or a decorating job that is not done to a good standard; it is not always the case with plumbing work as all you normally see is the water tap or end product (toilet, wash basin, bath etc.) you never see what’s behind the wall like the water pipes.

PLEASE NOTE: It is actually illegal to employ anyone in France who is not registered and you would be liable to fines or worse if you get caught employing people on “the black”. In addition it is always best advise to check the persons or companies insurance certificate.


It is considered an important issue that you get a written quote from any plumber or plumbing firm who you are considering using and as a bit of advice you should always get two or three different quotes from reputable plumbing companies. You can then view and review the quotes and decide which plumber or plumbing company best suits your needs. You should always ensure that the quotes you receive for the work are “like for like” as we have found on numerous times that quotes can and do vary but when you investigate you will usually find that one plumber will quote for everything required and will usually allow a set amount for fittings but another one could leave out the fittings in his quote as fittings can depend on the customers wishes as an example why quote for basic sanitary ware and fittings if the client wants a gold plated finish for the bathroom taps.

Time to do the work and the quality of workmanship

If you are here in France then it is often the best way to ensure that your work is done on time and that you will be able to move onto the next phase of your project. People have often found that if they are not there then the work seems to go a lot slower. For quality of work a registered tradesman will usually provide a good level of quality work. In addition you do have legal rights and recourse should the work not be up to a recognized standard. So many people have in the past used businesses that are not registered and invariably the standard and finish of the work is usually not up to the same standard as you get from a registered plumber in Brittany.

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