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Pest Control in France

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If you live in any region of France, or have a holiday home, gite, chateau,manior not matter how small or large you will have a pest problem at some time. It could be fungal infection of the oak beams, dry rot or mice and even rats!
If you keep chickens rats love these so keep a look out for signs. That way you can arrange some pest control before it gets too large a problem.

Depending on what type of problem you have you can call the experts in for help and advice as well as going to the local DIY shop and buying treatments yourself.

There are many mice and rat options from sonic devices to a choice of different traps. Flies can be a big problem especially bad if you are near cows, so country dwellers beware. There are very good fly nets available for installation on your windows so at least you can have the windows open in the summer and still keep the flies out.

If you have to treat wood, it’s a good idea to get expert help as the wood treatments are very toxic and there have been cases where home owners have done this themselves gone to bed with the window open and still have died in their sleep due to the build up of fumes!

Don’t forget to hire a registered firm and check their insurance. It is illegal to hire someone on the ‘Black’ and you could be prosecuted if caught.

Getting help from the experts in pest control could save you a lot of wasted time and money in the long run. Don’t forget to check with them how long their work is guaranteed for.

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