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Painter and Decorators in France

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If you have been to the local DIY shops such as Mr Bricolage you will have noticed, I am sure that paint is very expensive especially when you look at the well know makes such as Crown or Dulux (and I have found them to be a different quality to the paint purchased in the UK).
There are now several independent paint suppliers in France who offer English paints at reasonable prices along with wallpapers etc. They are located in most regions of France now and if not in your region it really is worth the trip to the nearest one to get good quality paint.
Most of these paint suppliers can be found in the local press or on the many classified French websites that are now online and offering professional advertising to local companies.
For exterior paint, again I would recommend getting a good quality English weathershield paint or other similar brand. I have used the best available French exterior paints and to be honest they are not nearly as good as the best English brands available.
Wallpaper is available in the various DIY shops but it is hard to find a good anaglipta paprer or even a good backing plain wallpaper doe not seem to be readily available to buy in the French DIY shops.
All in all I have personally found it better to buy all decoration items even down to the paint brushes in the UK as the quality seems much better and cheaper.
If you are looking for good wood treatments then it is pot luck as I have had very little experience of buying these in France other than the standard wood stains which seem to do the job fairly well on interior projects, sorry but no comment on exterior products.
Thankfully the most basic needs e.g sandpaper is of a good quality to get you started in the right direction so take my advice and where possible get you paints form a UK paint supplier here in France or pick up a tin or two on your next visit to the UK.

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