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Language Courses in Brittany and the Rest of France

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There are many schools and institutes who offer French language courses to expats across france and they vary greatly from an online correspondence course to sitting in a class-room one or two nights a week.

The main issue with an online correspondence course is that you will have to sit down with a book and several tapes or CD’s and this of course means that the only person who can motivate you is you!
It is sometimes a lot easier to put off learning French or any other language if there is no pressure on you. The benefit of going to regular lessons means that you generally have a much higher level of motivation and probably you will have some homework to do from the previous week’s language lesson.

You may find that you need or want face to face lessons on a one to one basis and these can be arranged fairly easily by looking at the local English newspapers or by looking for a private language tutor on the many classified advertising sites that are for expats living in the many regions of France.

There are many well know language courses/schools such as Berlitz who offer many different forms of language courses and languages and I would suggest that you consider the pros and cons to all courses and schools offered as you may find one that suits your needs may not suit anyone else so it is not always easy just to ask a friend who they used to improve their French.
Prices do of course vary from course to course and you may find that there are very reasonably priced course available in your local town, you may find that the courses that offer tutorials and CD’s are more expensive but remember these can always be passed onto friends, children or they can be sold via the local press, notice boards in your local supermarket or of course via the many classified websites online.

So learning French or any other language can be achieved in many different ways and at different costs, you may be a natural at learning a new language or as I have found it can be difficult to get that new language under your belt. We found that our children learned much easier and quicker than we did so it may be that you end up getting that much needed help from your own children.

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