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France Home and Gardening services

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If you have a holiday home in France, whether it is Brittany, the mid Pyrenees or any other region of France, you will need someone to care for your garden inbetween your visits to France.

If your holiday home, gite, is in Brittany or Normandy your grass will grow at an alarming rate due to the rain fall especially northern Brittany towards the Brest area. Some people fall into the trap of only hiring a gardener once or twice a year but as he will have to tackle a jungle you are better off getting it done on a regular basis. That way he will only spend an hour cutting instead of a whole day if not more.

Disposing of garden rubbish

You are not allowed to burn your garden rubbish if you live in the centre ville, so you must take it to your local decheterie. Of course if you arrange to have a gardener you will arrange with him about that. If you live in the countryside you are allowed bonfires certain dates but you need to chack at the Marie as all communes are different. Its is important to hire a registered business. It is illegal to hire someone on the ‘black’ and if caught you will be in more trouble than him. When hiring a gardener or garden services from a company always ask to see their insurance as well as their siret number. Just because they have a siret number doesn’t always mean they are covered to do that job so its just as important to see their insurance.

When people buy a house, gite, longere, manoir etc they can get carried away with the amount of land they will be the proud owners of. You need to remember its a lot of work and expense, there are lots of by laws so its worth checking them out at your local Marie. For example, purple thistles have to be cut down on your land before a certain date, before they flower. You can end up with a hefty fine if you don’t remember this.

For those of you who live on a permanent basis in France you may still need the services of a gardener from time to time to help with any heavy work that you may not be able to do by yourself. Just look in the local press or online at the many French classified websites that offer services that you need.
It is good to know that in France you can generally buy a home with a good sized garden, but remember if you will only use it for holidays and possibly for renting out then when you don’t use it you will have to get the garden maintained.

Depending on where you have a property in France will also determine what you can grow in your garden, as an example in Brittany and Normandy the weather is very similar to the Uk weather so most things flourish and vegetables can be grown very easily. If you have a property down south then of course you can grow more sub-tropical plants.

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